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BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy

Dr Wood has many years of experience treating hormone insuffiency in both women and men.  Until now, she has offerred traditional prescription medications as well as compounded medications to meet these needs. 

In addition to the above treatment options, Dr. Wood will now be offering an innovative technology called BioTE.  BioTE is a time-proven method of bio-identical hormone therapy using patented pellets that are inserted just beneath the skin in the fatty tissue of the hip on a 4-6 month basis. 

Pellet therapy provides a consistent level of hormone delivery which mimics normal physiology. Besides allowing us to better treat the perimenopause and menopause deficiencies of estrogen in women, we are also now able to better address the common deficiency of testosterone seen in women even as young as the 30's.  BioTe's testing and dosing regimen facilitates accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for this common problem.  It is amazing what a normal testosterone level will do for you!

Did you know that low testosterone levels can cause fatigue, mood swings, irritability, memory problems, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, vaginal dryness, low libido and even orgasmic problems?  Sound familiar?  Call the office today and ask to have your hormone levels checked.


For more information on BioTE, please visit and contact our office at 817-539-7377.

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BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy

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