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Dr. Carol Wood graduated medical school from University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, TX. She then completed a family medicine residency at the UT Southwestern Health Science Center in Dallas that included training at St. Paul University Hospital, Parkland Hospital and Children's Medical Center. She is board certified in Family Medicine. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Wood was a registered dental hygienist who practiced many years at an Arlington dental office. She obtained her dental hygiene training from University of Michigan.

Osteopathic medicine's emphasis on prevention, the interaction of all the body's systems and the treatment of the total body in order to achieve and maintain health attracted Dr. Carol Wood to pursue her medical education at an osteopathic medical school (D0). From there, she chose a residency at an allopathic (MD) health care system. This allowed her to draw knowledge from both disciplines of medicine and also to take advantage of the vast patient base in the UT Southwestern system where she was exposed to a wide range of pathology and health care needs. She received this residency training at the busiest county hospital and children's hospital in North Texas. She remains steadfast in her belief in all the osteopathic tenets and she utilizes this philosophy in treating her patients. She practices the osteopathic manipulative treatments (OMT) that she learned in medical school to promote the health and healing of her patients. She addresses the patient's physical, mental and spiritual well being since each contributes to an individual's overall health. She welcomes patients of all ages, from early childhood to the elderly.

Dr. Carol Wood has developed an interest in bio-identical hormone therapy in recent years. After appropriate testing to diagnose hormone dysfunction, she prescribes replacement hormones that closely resemble those naturally produced in our bodies and follows the levels of these hormones to ensure that each patient's levels are appropriate. We are excited to offer hormone pellet therapy as one hormone replacement option.

Dr. Wood and her husband Barry have 2 grown children, Scott and Kristy. The Woods attend First Baptist Church in Midlothian where they live. Dr. Wood's interests include Bible studies, hiking, camping and reading.

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